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Frequently Asked Questions.

The ring resizing process involves removing or adding small pieces of metal to the original ring to attain the new size requested. As a result, the spot where the ring got cut and soldered can become weaker, but these changes are usually unnoticeable.

At Brilliant Earth, our professional jewelers adhere to quality control standards to reduce the risk of breakage and ensure resized rings fit perfectly. After resizing, we clean and polish the ring before returning it to you.

If you're unsure, choose a slightly bigger engagement ring. Making a ring smaller is much easier than increasing its size. In addition, a size up might be ideal if you live in warm areas because the heat can make your fingers swell.

Yes, there are many ways to find your partner’s ring size without them knowing. If they already own some rings, this is an easy way to find their size. Asking family or friends is another tactic. Read How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal to learn all the ways to secretly find a ring size.

To measure ring size at home you can wrap paper or string around your finger, mark the place where the material meets, and then measure the length with a ruler. Read ourRing Sizing Guidefor more step-by-step details.