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Gem Jewellery One
Welcome to, Gem Jewellery One (Pvt) Ltd your one-stop destination for the finest sapphires at unbeatable prices. With our collection of ethically sourced gemstones, we offer you the assurance of authenticity and the guarantee of quality. As a 77-year-old, government-registered, third-generation gem-mining family business, we take immense pride in providing our customers with a wide selection of natural gemstones.

Established in 1947 by KP Appuhami in Rathnapura, a renowned gem miner in Sri Lanka, G J ONE has become a trusted name in the gemstone industry. Our sapphires are directly mined from our trusted source in Sri Lanka, ensuring the highest level of authenticity. We believe in supporting ethical and responsible mining practices, and our commitment to the same is reflected in every precious stone we offer

At G J ONE, we understand that shopping for gemstones should be a hassle-free experience. That's why we offer free returns and shipping on all our products. So whether you are looking for a dazzling engagement ring, a statement pendant, or a stunning pair of earrings, shopping for your desired sapphire has never been easier.
We invite you to explore our online store and indulge in our exquisite collection of hand-picked sapphires. With a range of colors, cuts, and sizes, each gemstone tells its own unique story. From the mesmerizing blues of the Ceylon sapphire to the captivating pinks of the Padparadscha sapphire, we have something to suit every individual's taste and style.

One of the distinguishing features of our sapphires is their traceability. We believe in complete transparency, and that is why each of our gems comes with a detailed certificate of authenticity. Our customers can feel confident in their purchase, knowing that their sapphire has been ethically sourced and followed a transparent supply chain.

When you shop at G J ONE, not only do you invest in a stunning piece of jewelry, but you also become part of a legacy. As a family-owned business, we prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We understand that buying a gemstone is a significant investment, and we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

If you are looking for a specific gemstone that you cannot find in our collection, we are here to help. At G J ONE, we firmly believe in going the extra mile for our customers. Simply reach out to us, and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect gemstone you have in mind.

Transparency, quality, and affordability are at the core of everything we do at G J ONE. When you choose us, you choose not only exquisite sapphires but also the assurance of a trustworthy and reliable gemstone provider. So why wait? Visit our online store today and discover the beauty and elegance of our hand-picked sapphires from Sri Lanka's most famous gem regions.

Our Mission

At Gem Jewellery Sapphire, our mission is clear: to cultivate a more transparent, sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive jewelry industry. We believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story, and we want to ensure that the story behind each gemstone is one of ethical sourcing, quality caftsmanship, and positive impact
Responsible Sourcing
Few of the world's GEMSTONE meet GJ1 standards for ethical sourcing and exceptional quality.

Colored gemstones are an attractive and unique option that has been sought after for centuries. We are determined to provide gemstones that are acquired in compliance

With safe and environmentally friendly practices. Nevertheless, there are still several challenges in finding information about gemstone mining conditions around the world, making it difficult to trace their origins and the conditions in which they were extracted. Therefore, we work with our colored gemstone suppliers to enhance standards and traceability in an attempt to upgrade the sourcing of gemstones, so as to change hazardous mining conditions and promote responsible practices.
For instance, many of our sapphires come from Sri Lanka, where the miners use strategies to reduce the environmental impact and work in small cooperatives that divide the expenses, labour and income from the sale of gemstones. It is possible to reduce plagiarism by altering the way in which a piece of writing is structured, without altering the context or the overall meaning of the content. This can be done by rearranging sentences and phrases, while maintaining the same ideas.